The original team of Bio-Ess Laboratories was once, Essential Pharmaceuticals, LLC.  Essential was  formed in 2006 by founder and  CEO, Allan Weber to provide life-saving Custodiol ® HTK organ preservation solution to the organ transplant medical community. Backed by extraordinary customer service and product results, Custodiol HTK grew to become one of the top organ preservation solutions in the US Market.
In 2016, after 5 years of research and development,  two new products, Cell-Ess® for bioprocessing and Clin-Ess® for Tissue preservation and transportation – the “Ess” Products.  Both were invented and are manufactured and distributed  by Essential Pharmaceuticals
Cell-Ess Universal Titer Boost and Enhancer increases monoclonal antibody titer in bio-processing while simultaneously improving protein quality,.  Clin-Ess Tissue preservation and transport media is a unique tissue preservative that both preserves cellular function while causing less DNA and RNA degradation and fewer artifacts than using conventional methods.  This allowing for more efficient and safer tissue preservation than traditional methods, and allows far more robust testing. 
To better focus on the unique customer and market needs of each of these product lines, it was decided that each business – Custodiol and the “Ess” products – would better serve their customers as independent entities.  In July of 2017, Essential Pharmaceuticals, LLC was acquired by Accord Pharmaceuticals, who will now distribute Custodiol HTK in the US and surrounding territories.  By providing enhanced resources to this market, Accord looks to expand on Essential’s already outstanding customer support.  Customers will still be provided the same outstanding Transplant Specialists that have served them so well over the years.  From distribution to service to contact information, customers will have a smooth transition with a familiar team. 
Because both the product and the company name were purchased by Accord Healthcare, a new more relevant to the biopharmaceutical and research customers’ company name has been created.  Welcome to Bio-Ess Laboratories.  Bio-Ess Laboratories will focus solely on these customers and markets, again bringing the same outstanding team and service that these customers expect and deserve.  These customers can expect renewed focus and investment into this unique and growing market by the familiar team at Bio-Ess Laboratories.