For Process Development Scientists and Manufacturers, Cell-Ess® is a universal titer boost and optimizer that can be added to an already optimized media to increase total yield and productivity per cell without impacting metabolic profile or glycosylation pattern.  By increasing overall protein yield, Cell-Ess provides the option to end the bioreactor run earlier once desired titer is reached or to continue the run longer to increase yield.



Clin-Ess® is a novel preservative and transport media. Clin-Ess maintains tissue morphology allowing for many downstream tissue staining options. Clin-Ess stabilizes cell membranes for several days when held at 2-8 C. This means that not only can one ship without flash-freezing or using liquid nitrogen, eliminating the need for dry ice. Clin-Ess is chemically defined, non-toxic and animal component free.